Microsoft is going to send you a free Intel Galileo board!! Just sign up!

Hey, I have a good news for you! Yep, Microsoft intend to sends you a free Intel Galileo board!! Take a look in this post and check how to join in this program.

In the Microsoft’s Build 2014 Conference, a developers event, Microsoft talked about the Internet of Things. With this new website: can sign up and Microsoft will send you a kit with the Intel Galileo and the SDK

If you want to join in, sign in Windows Developer Program for Internet of Things at, check your email, and wait for your board!

If you don’t know the Intel Galileo, take a look in this overview:

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13 thoughts on “Microsoft is going to send you a free Intel Galileo board!! Just sign up!

    • aron.bordin says:

      It’s a perfect gift, hahahahha. I want to work in some projects for RoboCup, I hope to receive it soon. Looks to be amazing, aahaha


  1. Anonymous says:

    This deal has been around on other deal sites since January and MANY others before you have applied and got NO HARDWARE. I got the same email above after applying in January. I found out about the site after receiving notice from Intel where they were advertising Galileo and their new development alliance with Windows devices at CES. They were handing out cards with the website address in the OP. In a few weeks you will get a First Class mailer with a two pocket paper folder inside containing a DVD with a non-commercial use preview of the MS devices SDK and some VB, and C++ example code. In addition to the DVD there is a Intel Galileo datasheet that includes a link to download three whitepapers describing some basic hardware development projects and implementation on the Intel Galileo and Quark platforms The whitepaper set is even titled Hardware development kit on the Galileo platform. so bottom line It is nothing more s a set of whitepapers describing how to implement their SDK on Intel Galileo and Quark nothing else.

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    • aron.bordin says:

      Thx for sharing!! Some users contacted me and told me that they received a board, but I’m really not sure about it.
      So, thank you for your comment!


    • aron.bordin says:

      I don’t know… I contacted Microsoft in the last week, trying to get more information about this program. But they can’t say anything… So, I really don’t know


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